but it is priceless


"Why on earth has it got so many buttons?"

I remember the sheer weight, the smooth feel and the smell of metal and rubber as I opened the box of my very first SLR. I was 14 and my father had bought a second hand camera from a professional photographer upgrading his kit. If you are pondering, no it wasn't digital, it was 35mm film. That very evening I dragged my father out to the port and started snapping silouette pictures of boats, it still hangs on my parents wall to this day.

Of course many years have passed since then, more than I would like to count. I have studied the subject at school, worked in photography shops, developed my own film, moved to digital, become a member of the Guild, trained with Nikon Ambassadors and continue to learn and grow every day. 

However, amongst all of this my my father passed of Cancer, which truly brought home the value of photography and the power it holds. Our brains take on thousands of bits of information, in the moment we tell ourselves that we will never forget this little snippet of time and the way it made us feel. However we bury alot of these  memories, waiting for the perfect prompt, a smell, a sound, a saying to prompt it to resurface. Sometime these little prompts don't happen for days, weeks or even years, which is why photography is simply pricess.

I wonder which memory you wish you could have captured, for me there are hundreds, I strive every day to make sure I take at least one picture.

Thank you for coming to read about me, I hope to meet you soon!

Beth x


Photography is classified as a form of art. 

You wouldn't invest your time and money in a painting you don't like so before you make the big decision spend lots of time looking at photographers portfolios, make sure it fits the style your have in your minds eye. 

There is no one way to take a photo and edit it, so the outcome of your photos is very personal to the photographer you choose. Remember however you will come across lots of photographers all of whom are at different points in their journey, professionally and personally.

I am sure there are other questions you probably have, if you can't find your answer here please do always pop me a message.

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