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As a small business owner, a suffolk wedding photographer, nothing gives me more pleasure than being able to help develop and grow other small businesses, especially those at the beginning of their journey. Having been approached a few times about commercial photography I decided to launch 3 packages for smaller businesses. They say a picture paints a thousand words, to be honest with the take off of instagram and social media we know this to be quite true. Therefore to be able to launch marketing and media efforts you need images which portray your vision.

Rohima has worked many years as a success recruitment consultant for large blue chip companies. However her passion lies in her ability to help and mentor others. Therefore this year she has decided to launch her own business to help people achieve their dream job, she covers everything from CV writing to interview techniques.

Rohima is in the process of developing her website so she chose the e-commerce package. The e-commerce package start with a half an hour consultation where we sit and discuss your business needs, vision and strategy. Together, we come up with a personal branding plan to deliver the images that tell your customers who you and what you are about. The package covers half a day of photography, there is no limit on location, whether your want studio, indoor or outdoor. We will style it, create it and make it come true together. The only limit is that of your imagination.

Here is Rohima’s e-commerce photoshoot. If you are interested in what she does and would like to get in touch you can visit her website at

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