Preview Reward Scheme Terms and Conditions

I operate a rewards scheme as part of my Wedding Previews which is optional. Whether you decide to opt in or not, it does not affect the terms and conditions of the original contract provided, but gives the option to obtain extra products or services as specified below.

As part of the editing process a preview of your photos is released before the final photos are edited and sent on a USB by the deadline set within your contract. The preview is shared on the website and various media platforms, you can do as you wish with these photos.


How does it work?

–          Notify the photographer of your wish to participate and acceptance of T&C’s by email to [email protected]. It is imperative this is done at least 2 weeks before the delivery deadline.

–          Share the original social media post of your preview. Posts of photos or mentions on personal facebook pages outside of the original post are not included in this scheme, this is because the likes, comments and shares of the original post can’t be reliably tracked and then sent to you as proof of reach and rewards earned.

–          Like, comment and share away!

–          More photos can be earned by posting review at any of the below listed sites (rewards section).

–          Once the deadline has passed you will be issued with a screenshot of the post and a calculation of the total rewards earned.

–          Extra photos will be added to your standard package as per set out in your contract. As long as you have notified the photographer by the deadline these will be issued with your photos.

–          If you wish to stop the reward scheme at any time and claim your rewards up until that point then you may do so, but this requires notification via email. At least a week must be allowed to edit and prepare additional photos earnt.



For every person (including yourselves) that likes, shares and comments on the post or a share of the post up until the deadline set by the photographer earns as follows:

–          Facebook Like/Comment – 1 Extra Photo

–          Facebook Share – 2 Extra Photos

–          Reviews – 25 Extra Photos for Each Review–e113651

–          Referral & Booking – 100 Extra Photos

You can earn up to a maximum of 550 photos, this is well over double of the standard package.

If you would prefer to purchase extra photos, please do get in touch.

Best Wishes,

Beth x

Suffolk Wedding Photography & Ipswich Portrait Photographer