Pricing & Information


Your wedding will be possibly one of the largest events you will ever have to organise and it's important to make sure you have the right suppliers (or entourage) on your team. 

So you are working you way down your never ending to do list of things to organise for your wedding and you hit Wedding Photographer. 

As important as choosing the bridesmaid or best man who can deliver a killer speech, you want to know that your photographer is reliable, friendly and will meet your needs.

To keep things simple and straightforwards I offer a full day coverage package and below shows you whats included. I have also included FAQ and review to help give you an idea of the service I offer.


Whats Included?


When it comes to the most initimate parts of your day there does come a benefit of having a female photographer. Bridal prep is particularly personal and women often feel more confortable with a female prescence.


I'm there from the first dab of makeup to the first moves on the dance floor, this totals ten hours of coverage by myself. I offer flexible fluid cover from the start to the end.


Nikon is my Brand of choice, I work with top end camera's and lenses to get high quality images. I always carry two camera on me at all times to make sure no image is missed.


We will always guarantee a minimum number of photos, however there is no maximum. If your day is full of life laughter and fun we will endaeavour to include as many images as possible.


Every image I present to you will have been carefully hand edited by myself, no bulk batch edits, no sending off to a third party. I take great pride in my images and I want them to be perfect for you.


Within 10 days a sneak peak with some of the best and most beautiful images are ready to share and will be available to you. 


Access and view your high resolution images as soon as they are available. We will provide you with a passworded gallery that you can share with family and friends. It is totally up to you whether you want them to be able to order prints and digital images.


I do love to gift my couples with a hand made wooden keepsake box and a USB with all their images to keep. I design and make these boxes so they have special meaning and reflect my couples, each is unique. 


I have lived in this area all my life and worked in the Wedding Industry a good few years now. I have a number of contacts and resources all of whom I can recommend and put you in touch with. There is so much to do for a wedding I want to be able to life as easy as possible so you can enjoy the process.


My core belief is giving you back your day in a story, told through beautiful, natural and unintrusive imagery. Its one of the most life changing events you will embark on and your photographer needs to be the right fit for you. 

I understand how important it is, therefore I offer the opportunity for you to sit down with me, talk about you wedding, your vision and what you want out of a photographer. Of course if you are not local then I can always organise a call of a video chat.

Its no obligation, so what have you got to loose?