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Ok, so the FAQ is a bit like reading the manual before assembling flat pack furniture and who doesn't love a challenge, whilst sometimes not as fun, it definitely makes the journey smoother. As you can imagine I get asked a lot of questions, more often than not these are specific questions around your event. However, there are some generic ones that hopefully the below might help you with. Of course, if unsure please get in touch, always happy to answer questions.

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How Quickly after finalising my date should i get in touch?

As soon as humanly possible! Depending on the month I can be booked anywhere between 12-18 months in advance, occasionally I may have a small slot for a late availability wedding, but these are rare. The sooner you book the better your chances of availability.

What is the booking process?

I almost always meet my couples before booking, its a chance for you to get to know me and see if there is a little bit chemistry there. Its an incredibly important day and your photographer is going to be by your side for almost every second of it.


After meeting its then up to you, if you want to book its a 30% deposit and a signed contract to seal the deal.

Do you have insurance?

Oh yes! Please don't hire a photographer without it, it covers all possible eventualities.

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What Happens if it Rains?

Unfortunately one of the downsides of living in Britain is it rains, a lot, as i'm sure you have probably noticed! However, if the heavens choose to open on your big day then please don't worry. Rarely does it rain all day, we can easily flex the schedule to do things like groups inside, allowing us to duck outside when there is a pause in the weather. However, if you're game I'm always more than happy to go out in the rain, I always keep white umbrellas in the car just in case a bit of Singing in the Rain takes your fancy!