Privacy Policy

GDPR is here, which means here is a little information about my privacy policy...

Sharing Information

Your information is NEVER shared, sold or given to anyone else!!

What information do you collect?

Nothing unless you choose to get in touch with me. The various plugins I use within my site are compliant with GDPR which means they do not collect your data.

Should you choose to get in touch with me, I will of course reply answering by the method of communication in which you sought me out. If you choose not to reply, then your contact email will probably sit in my inbox for a few months until I have a good cull, at most 12, at which point it is never seen again! I don't store or save your data anywhere else.

Contact forms request your name, email, telephone number and details about the service you wish to inquire about. I email as a first method of response, but if someone has asked me to contact them as a matter of urgency then I will pop them a text message or phone call.

Booking Forms

I require basic personal data to make a booking, this will be asked for when making the booking for a portrait or cake smash session or when organising a wedding consultation. If you book and pay, under GDPR this is lawful collection of data and constitutes part of my tax records which I am required by HMRC to keep for 7 years.

What if I cancel, well then your booking form is held for up to 12 months in case you change your mind and then it is deleted.

Contractual Terms and Conditions

All terms and conditions are provided in your booking forms and contracts and are event specific, please make sure you read these before signing or making payment as a form of acceptance.

Images taken by Beth Beresford Photography remain with Copyright protection. Images may be used online, portfolios and social media. If you wish identifiable images of yourself or those you hold parental responsibility for to be excluded for a specific platform please let me know in writing at and your privacy will be honoured.

Model Calls & Competitions

Often I issue model calls or Competitions, these will have their own terms and conditions, please check them before entering your information.

If you have entered a model call, these are discounted sessions so images can be used for advertising and portfolio purposes. Should you change your mind and wish to keep these images private, the full session fee becomes due.


The only time you will be contacted is if you have expressed an interest in one of my services or entered a competition. If you want to keep up to date with my activities then follow me on a social media platform or subscribe to my blog.

Personal Data Requests

Should you wish to view the personal data I hold on you please send me a message to and I will be happy to share it with you.

Removal of Data

If you wish for your data to be deleted at any time then send me a message and I am happy to delete it, this includes any images taken. Raw images are deleted are 12 months from the session or event date due to space constraints.

Any questions please do get in touch through the contact form on my website or at my email address

Best Wishes,