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How to Take A Great Selfie – Angles

In order to get the perfect selfie there are a few variable elements that you need to take into account that you need to make work for you to get the best you.

The Camera Adds Ten Pounds

Have you ever looked at your camera, or at a pair of specs, side on? Bet you are looking at your phone camera as we speak, the lens is hidden behind a protective screen, but if you look it is there! There is a lovely dome shape and if you can cast your mind back to class room science you can probably remember why. In a nutshell, this dome (Convex) shape can create a bit of distortion, particularly the more significant the curve.

Geek fact, a camera is based on the way your eye works, being that the curve on your eye ball creates more surface area, it allows you to take in more in terms of imagery. This is why they say the camera adds ten pounds!!

Get Some Distance

The closer you get to your camera the more significant the distortion, so get your selfie sticks out!! Unfortunately there are lots of places that have banned them, so get your friends to hold the camera whilst you stand back, tee hee. If you haven’t got a selfie stick to hand then keep you face away from the outside edges of the lens, as this is where the worst distortion occurs, making your face look rounder than it is.

Duck Face

Whether you pull duck face or give a toothy grin is up to you, but posing and the angle of the camera can make quite a bit of difference.

If you can, make sure the camera is slightly higher thank your face. If its lower you tend to look down, which creates neck folds or a lovely shot up the nostrils. The benefit of looking up is you get more light across your face, which makes your face look fresher and more awake. Particularly helpful if hung over, have a newborn baby or snoring partner.

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