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Planning Your Wedding Time Line

Planning a Wedding Timeline


Hello All!

I am a Suffolk Wedding Photographer who has been photographing weddings for several years now. I generally get together with my couples both when they first inquire and a few weeks before their day to firm up their time line. Often I find in our pre-wedding consultation its the first time couples think about their time line. So I thought I would write a blog to give a few hints and tips to think about before getting together with your photographer.


What is a Full Day Coverage?

When thinking about your day what is it you want to capture and how do you want your story told. These are key things to bear in mind when planning how your day will pan out. Leaving enough time at these important stages will alleviate stress and allow you to enjoy yours day. There is often a common misconception that full coverage is 5-7 hours, however full coverage is generally around 10-12 hours. Make sure you are clear with your photographer with what your expectations are in terms of what full coverage means and you check this in your contract.


It Never Goes to Plan

Remember to leave enough time for things to go wrong. Having been a bride myself I understand the stress and pressure that goes into planning a wedding and how meticulous one can get with how events unfold. However, if you live near myself (Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk) you know that when it rains its pours. There are things that will be out of your control, such as the weather, that might require your day to flex a little. Approach your day with an open and relaxed mind. I once photographed a wedding at All Manor of Events (Ipswich) and it rained heavily all day. We quickly reworked the group photos and had someone on weather watch. Soon as it stopped raining we paused the group photos and dashed outside. We managed 20 minutes before the rain commenced again but we got some stunning photos!

At the end of the day as long as you enjoy it that’s all that matters.


Bridal Prep

I have had brides in the past who have under estimated the time it takes for hair and make up to be done, it all becomes a rush and mad panic to get the door in time for the ceremony. Leave yourself plenty of time! If you are having your hair done and it requires heat your hair dresser may require your hair to complete cool before taking and clips or hair pins out, curls may drop and frizz may ensue! I often get there well before you start getting ready, bridesmaids often go first and we can be getting shots of the details (dress, shoes, bouquet) whilst the bridesmaids are getting ready. Then once your Bridesmaids are ready we can get group shots of them and of course the laughter that often goes with it. I often take this opportunity to photography little ones if you have any, before any rumples and loose strands of hair make an appearance.


Ceremony to Wedding Breakfast

Traditionally this slot is used for the photos for the couple with their beloved ones. I would say try and leave yourself between and hour and a half to two hours. It may seem like a lot on paper but it honestly isn’t, this bit goes at record speed for you.

I try to get both group shots and the couple shots in this point. It is totally up to you which we do first, some couples want time alone with each other straight afterwards and some want to get the group shots out the way. All I would say if you do group shots first, air kisses only! When thinking about the list of photos you want try to limit them to no more than 8 or 9, you will have totally had enough by this point and your cheeks will be hurting. This will be the only part of your photography that will be staged, otherwise I like to work in a natural and unobtrusive way. Your couple shots will be relaxed and I work with longer range lenses so I am not in your face. You will forget I am there within about 5 minutes. I am not one for cheesy photographs, I prefer natural intimate moments, certainly where the smile reaches the eyes and isn’t forced.


I hope this helps you in planning your day and gives you a little more information as to how the photography works in among-st your day. Any questions please do get in touch, my wedding pricing can be found here if curiosity strikes you…

Much Love,

Beth Beresford

Suffolk Wedding Photography & Ipswich Family Photographer